Frequently asked questions

How long does COSMETOX last?

Test studies have shown an average of 8-12 hours.

Is COSMETOX FDA approved?
The FDA doesn't have a premarket approval system for cosmetic products. However all ingredients in COSMETOX are FDA approved and very safe to use.

Can COSMETOX be used with makeup?
Yes, COSMETOX is designed to work under makeup or by itself. For best results wait 10 minutes after applying serum and use mineral or water-based makeup.

Can I use a moisturizer after I apply the serum?
Yes, you can apply an oil free moisturizer after the serum has completely dried(10 minutes)

There is a white residue after I apply COSMETOX?
This simply means you applied too much serum. You can use a small pad to gently wipe off. Keep in mind for next time,less is more.

Can someone with allergies or sensitive skin still use COSMETOX?
Yes, COSMETOX is 100% hypoallergenic and is designed to work with even the most sensitive skin types.

How long will a bottle of COSMETOX last?
A one ounce bottle of COSMETOX should last 30 days if applied daily to entire face.

If you are using as a spot wrinkle reducer for target areas, it will last much longer.

How should I remove COSMETOX?
COSMETOX can be removed with water or by gently wiping the area with a damp cotton pad.

What should I do if the serum does not flow smoothly out of the pump ?
If you don't use the product regularly,a small amount of serum left in the pump could harden,simply place the bottle in hot water for a few minutes.

How should COSMETOX be stored?
COSMETOX should be stored at room temperature and kept out of excessive heat or cold.